TOC Membership

Office: 403-220-8707

Meghan Rychyk, Project Manager

Value of Membership

Participation Cost

  • An advisory board will be set up to provide feedback and guidance
  • Opportunities to guide fundamental research
  • Access to skilled students who will be ready to join the workforces
  • Opportunity to join annual workshops to disseminate and discuss results
  • Have access to printed and electronic research results

To be part of this consortium, each participant must provide $50,000 per annum. This cost is budgeted this way:

  • 45% to student salaries (1 student)
  • 30% is budgeted for equipment, analysis and administrative costs
  • 25% is budgeted for university overhead

For any additional funding, an NSERC CRD application will be sent to match industry sponsorship amounts.

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