Advanced Production Data Analysis

Office: 403-220-8707

Meghan Rychyk, Project Manager

  • Using advanced techniques: flow-regime analysis, type-curve analysis and simulation
  • Matrix versus fracture contribution
  • contacted matrix surface area
  • Hydraulic fracture properties
  • OGIP / EUR
Analyze Existing Well Performance
  • For flow-regime analysis, type-curve analysis and simulation
  • Multi-phase analysis
  • Connectivity analysis
pore structure analysis
  • Flow simulation of flow-back characteristics of multi-fractured hz wells
Analyze Flowback
Analyze Flowback
  • With realistic reservoir property estimates from RC, perform development sensitivities to wellbore / hydraulic fracture geometries to establish optimal configuration / play
  • Investigate use of CO2 to enhance recovery using advanced wellbore / fracture geometry for producers and injectors
Simulation of Primary/EOR(CO2)

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